Detail Pro Shop Reviews

4.92 based on 25 reviews.
Better than new!!!
Antony Roberts
Powell, OH
Dec. 12, 2019, 12:25 p.m.

I can’t say enough about the detailing service I received this week on my Honda Pilot and Honda Odyssey! They didn’t look and smell this nice when they were brand new! Thank you!

Wish I found them sooner!
Steven Zahorai
Powell, OH
Dec. 11, 2019, 2:16 p.m.

These guys take their time and made my vehicle look like new again. Will 100% be coming back!

car interior cleaning
Shane Fowler
Powell, OH
Nov. 22, 2019, 3:50 p.m.

Everything was great!!!!

Tiffeney Dilger
July 6, 2019
I took my boat up to
Jeff Kish
May 13, 2019

I took my boat up to Mike to have the hull cleaned and ceramic coated. We discovered the hull needed some fiberglas repair work done first. Mike organized all the logistics (including trailering the boat) while working with a third party for the glass repairs. Mike kept in constant communication with me to eliminate any ‘surprises’. ...Read the full review

I had a ceramic coating applied ...
Ben C.
April 30, 2019

I had a ceramic coating applied to my car, as well as some minor paint correction done. The results were fantastic, and I'm very happy with the experience. ...Read the full review

I would absolutely r
m morgan
April 25, 2019

I would absolutely recommend the Detail Pro Shop for a car detail. They did an outstanding job with my car, especially the interior. It has never looked better! There were some old stains on the seats and somehow they were able to get them out (previous detail shop could not). The staff was very helpful and a pleasure to work with, ...Read the full review

I have been using De
March 17, 2019

I have been using Detail Pro shop for my auto detailing for two years now. Mike is very accommodating and knowledgeable. He has gone out of his way as to pick up my vehicle at any location and to return it like new. He is always professional and kind. I highly recommend Detail Pro Shop for all your detailing needs. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ...Read the full review

I'm very particular
Ben Cirker
March 6, 2019

I'm very particular about my car's appearance and keeping it clean. So I recently decided to get a ceramic coating applied to help resist dirt and make it easier to wash the car. I went with Detail Pro Shop and I'm very impressed with the work and the results. My car has never looked better! If you have a newer car and are looking to ...Read the full review

I recently bought a
Jamie Paakanen
Feb. 16, 2019

I recently bought a used black Cadillac that had poorly maintained paint. It had a lot of swirlies and some deeper scratches. Detail Pro Shop was able to remove 90% of the scratches/swirlies with a 2-step paint polish, and the spray on ceramic coating gives my car a whole new level of shine! Very impressed! I highly recommend! ...Read the full review

Awesome job with the
Anjani Kumar
Feb. 16, 2019

Awesome job with the car detailing. 100% satisfied. Highly recommended. Thank you Mike !! ...Read the full review

Ceramic Pro installe
Ystebad VonSchlegel
Dec. 11, 2018

Ceramic Pro installer - highly recommended. Brought my 3 year old BMW to them for Ceramic Pro install. When I got it back it looked better than the day we picked it up at the Welt in Munich. Explained all my options, did a great job with paint prep and install. Mike and his staff all very friendly and I felt have a passion for d ...Read the full review

Stephanie Burns
Dec. 11, 2018
Best auto detail my
Jonathan Peele
Nov. 11, 2018

Best auto detail my boat has ever had. They go the extra mile and even gave the trailer a nice detail. The Ceramic Pro product is expensive but worth the money if you want your used boat looking new again. Going forward I will be bringing my cars here. I have used numerous auto detailers on my cars and boat that don't do a good j ...Read the full review

BCS does an amazing
Cheryl Wiot
Nov. 11, 2018

BCS does an amazing job. Wr have tried various detail shops in town. BCS is the best. I would highly recommend BCS their work and service is over the top. ...Read the full review

At first impression,
T Fleming
Sept. 11, 2018

At first impression, I just knew my vehicle was in good hands. The ‘trust factor’ is hard to come by these days. It is also VERY DIFFICULT to find a good detail service. I was MORE than thrilled with the end result on my large SUV. It has never looked better! The location is awesome and the service is second to none. Won’t ever go an ...Read the full review

Had these guys put C
Tim Stanfield
Sept. 11, 2018

Had these guys put Ceramic Pro coating on all three of our vehicles. Can't say enough good things about them. The owner Mike and all the guys doing the work all seem to love what they do, and they obviously believe in their products and take pride in their work. The smallest details were taken care of, and they were extremely flexibl ...Read the full review

My car looks and sme
Annie Kagy
July 11, 2018

My car looks and smells new!!!! The price is fair and the location can’t be beat !!!! ...Read the full review

Sheri Ramey
July 11, 2018
If you want a qualit
Anup Dadhania
March 11, 2018

If you want a quality service at a reasonable price and most importantly deal with an honest guy who isn’t going to upsell you, Mike and the rest of the BCS auto team are your guys. I had ceramic coating done on my car and it is amazing. The water and dirt just roll off of it when it is rinsed. Mike will also stand by his work. I hav ...Read the full review

Mike and his team co
March 11, 2018

Mike and his team completed a Ceramic Pro Coating on my new Durango a few weeks after it was purchased. Mike did an outstanding job filling me in on the benifits of the coating. The team maticulously prepped the surface before applying the coating. After the coating was applied I could not have been more happy. The car now looks like ...Read the full review

I was recommended to
Carolyn Edens
Jan. 11, 2018

I was recommended to BCS Auto Detail by a few great friends who experienced the same 5 Star experience I did with having Michael & Rodney detail my "2003" Toyota Corolla! When I dropped my car off, Michael looked at my car and explained exactly what he was going to be doing and explained his pricing packages, which are SO reasonable! ...Read the full review

We have had Mike and
Kelley Loredo
Jan. 11, 2018

We have had Mike and the tam work on 2 of our vehicles now and will definitely be gong back! They did an amazing job and made everything seem new again! ...Read the full review

My favorite place to get my car ...
Renee S.
Sept. 21, 2017

My favorite place to get my car looking like new!  So friendly and accommodating. I called on a Wednesday, to have my car detailed to transport kiddos to Homecoming for Saturday.  Despite being booked, I was squeezed in!! Highly recommend. ...Read the full review